About Krill

Krill is a red crustacean that looks similar to a shrimp and lives in the ocean. They can be found all around the world but most of the krill harvested for Krill Oil is found in the Antarctic ocean.

Krill is considered by many to be the largest biomass on earth. The best way to understand the scale of this is to imagine all the krill in the world on a big scale. Now remove the krill and replace them with all the human beings on earth. You’ll find the krill is actually heavier. This is why there is no way the animal will become endangered.

In terms of food krill mostly feed on phytoplankton. This means that they are free of almost all impurities including mercury. This makes consuming krill much safer than consuming large amounts of fish.

Krill are at the bottom of the food chain and are invaluable to other forms of marine life. Endangered species such as whales and penguins feed on krill. Without krill these animals could die out.

Krill Oil Product Comparisons

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Viva Naturals
Krill Oil
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165 mg 95 mg 1.6 mg 60 per bottle 1,250 mg/serving $19.97 Buy 4 Bottles & Get 2 Free! $119.80 Free S/H
Buy 3 Bottles & Get 1 Free! $89.85 + 4.95 S/H
1 Bottle $29.95 + 4.95 S/H
Arctic Wonder 150 mg 90 mg 1 mg 60 per bottle 1,000 mg/serving $21.99 1 Bottle $59.97 + $5.99 S/H
Mercola Krill Oil 90 mg 50 mg N/A 60 per bottle 1,000 mg/serving $24.98 3 Bottles $62.97 + $11.98 S/H
NKO's Krill Oil 150 mg 90 mg 1.5 mg 60 per bottle 1,000 mg/serving $44.98 1 Bottle $44.98 + $4.95 S/H